Submitting Documents

Rush has several methods for drivers to submit documents.

We have been and are still using TripPak Express envelopes.  However, other methods offer quicker payouts and settlements.  Full instructions and links for each method are available below.

Please make sure the following information is clearly printed, regardless of the submission method:

  • Pro #
  • Tractor #
  • Driver PIN (if a Rush driver) and Driver Name

Unless the originals are to remain with the load, please make sure you keep originals until you have received payment.


Available at most Rush Terminals:

Rush has scanners posted at most of our terminals for drivers to submit documents. Where present, this is the preferred method. Instructions are posted near each scanner, and include how to prepare and scan, review and send the documents. Drivers keep the originals (unless the documents need to remain with the load), and are given a printed receipt with instructions regarding viewing the documents online.

Unless the originals are to remain with the load, please make sure you keep originals until you have received payment!


If you have a laptop and scanner of your own, you can scan documents in from the comfort of your cab. If you do not have a scanner, TripPak has a scanner that you can purchase directly from them at  You can also call TripPak Support at 800-298-7202 and they can help you get setup with the best solution for you. This option will allow you to send your documents in immediately as well as save those images on your laptop or PC.


Getting Started:

You must have the following to scan in your truck or home:

  • A laptop or PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • A TripPak SCANNNG™ Model 467 scanner provides the easiest installation and experience for you. If a TripPak SCANNING Model 467 scanner is not available, most fully TWAIN-compliant scanners will also work.
  • Internet connectivity, via a broadband card (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.), Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Our four character Customer Account Code or SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) to install TripPak IN-CAB™ – RSHQ.

Installation and Registration

  1. Open the link below to download TripPak IN-CAB.
  2. When prompted, run the installation and follow the instructions carefully. Do not connect your scanner until you are asked to do so.
  3. Once the installation is complete, connect your scanner if you have not done so already.
  4. After the installation is complete, open the shortcut on the desktop to begin using TripPak IN-CAB.
  5. Within the application, select “Register TripPak IN-CAB” from the Registration menu item. Note: It is not necessary to register the application if you are only using the Sleep Pointe feature.
  6. Complete the TripPak IN-CAB™ Registration form with your information. Enter your four character SCAC into the Customer Account field and click Ok. The Customer Account Code for Rush Trucking is RSHQ. <\BR> 7. If you are using the TripPak SCANNING Model 467 scanner, please be sure to calibrate the scanner using the calibration document that was shipped with the scanner.
  7. Now you’re ready to begin scanning and sending documents to your fleet.

Please remember to complete and scan a cover sheet for each Pro #.

Unless the originals are to remain with the load, please make sure you keep originals until you have received payment!

If you have any questions or need help with IN-CAB scanning, please contact ACS TripPak SERVICES via phone at 1-877-435-7876.

Available at most of our fuel locations, TRANSFLO Express is a convenient way to send in all documents. Drivers submit their documents typically in under a minute, using these steps:

  1. Drivers tape smaller receipts to a letter sized paper.
  2. The fuel desk cashier can provide tape and paper.
  3. The driver hands trip documents to a trained cashier.
  4. The cashier scans the trip documents.
  5. The cashier prints a confirmation receipt, staples it to the trip documents and hands all of the paperwork back to the driver.
  6. The scanned trip documents are transmitted to the data centers and delivered electronically to Rush.

Again, drivers keep the originals (unless the documents need to remain with the load), and are able to immediately viewing the documents online, using the information on the receipt.


Drivers can now submit documents using their Android or iPhone smartphones. This also results in the ability for the driver and management to immediately view documents online. Here are the instructions:

  1. Download the TRANSFLO Mobile application for free at the Apple App Store, or Google Play. (Review the phone requirements prior to download, to ensure compatibility).
  2. Register the Recipient using Rush’s code, RSHQ, and your 5 digit driver PIN.
  3. Prepare the documents to be submitted, including the e-doc Cover Sheet, shown in this section as a reference but available for printing from the online driver tools referenced earlier.
  4. Using the application, take photos of each document using the following tips:
    1.  Place document on a flat, dark or contrasting non-glare surface
    2. Take picture in a bright, well lit environment
    3. In dim environment, use flash
    4. Bright light is required for poor quality documents, multi-part forms, carbon copies or documents on colored paper
    5. Take a picture of the whole document filing the screen with the entire document
    6. To make barcodes more readable, you need to be about 14 inches away from the document and in some cases you may need to turn on the flash
    7. Wait for autofocus, then take the picture and wait until the picture is displayed on the screen
  5. After taking the photos, drag the orange cropping hand tool to frame the document.
  6. Once documents are submitted, a unique confirmation number and email is sent to the driver.

Documents can be viewed online at for 14 days after submission. Drivers again keep the originals unless they need to remain with the load.


Although we would like to move away from the envelopes and to the electronic options as much as possible, this is still available for use when original documents are required. Envelopes are available from each of our terminals, and may be mailed by Safety to those drivers who do not run through/near terminals. The face of the envelope is shown below. All available information should be included.

It’s important to follow these guidelines when using the envelopes:

  1. Fill in with as much information as is known
  2. Remember to include the four pieces of information from the top line (Pro #, Tractor #, Driver PIN # and Driver Name) on the face of every document submitted
  3. Make copies of documents submitted, and maintain the copies until payment has been received