Why Rush

A world-class, minority-owned trucking and transportation company.

Safety First

Rush Trucking and its affiliated operating divisions are committed to providing a Safety First culture, whether on the road, in our offices or at our customer locations. We value safety as the most important factor in providing quality services. For that reason, we always have road-ready equipment available and continue to upgrade our fleet on an annual basis.

Safety Always

Rush Trucking fully supports the CSA Safety Measurement system and continues to exceed these standards every day. Our safety department has established a best-in-industry rating and benchmarking process at the driver level. This internal program measures safety performance among both company and owner-operator drivers to ensure consistent standards no matter which Rush team member transports your products. Our trucks are equipped with an On-Guard system that monitors following distance with active braking. We also have an internal, point-based Driver Program in place, which measures driver safety performance.

“It’s a good, safe company. I am highly impressed with the maintenance. They get right on it. And, the safety program is great. I’ve been driving for 33 years and I’m still always finding new things that can help me in everyday life.”

James C.

Driver since 4/7/2014

“I’ve been here for 8 years. I enjoy working with my dispatcher and manager, and they are the reason that I stay. Everybody has been so good to me. ”

James T.

Shuttle Driver since 2007

“The reason I’m here is because I enjoy it.  If I have a problem, it always gets solved.  Everything has been good for me at Rush Trucking.”

Kondi P.

Owner-Operator since 2008

Achievements and Accreditations

We are proud to support our industry as a member of several important associations and organizations.